Health literacy is the set of cognitive and social skills that determine individuals’ motivation and ability to access, understand, and use information in ways that promote and maintain good health. (World Health Organization)

By improving both people’s access to health information and their ability to use it effectively, we will be improving literacy rates and contributing to better health outcomes.

Miligrama is the ideal partner for the creation, development, promotion and implementation of health literacy training and education actions aimed to patients, family and caregivers, patient associations, scientific societies, health professionals and journalists.


Development of health literacy campaigns

Organization of empowerment initiatives for patients, health professionals and citizens

Creation of online solutions for e-learning and healthcare training

Training of spokespersons for communication with the media (media training), with patients, with health professionals, and with institutional entities.

Creation and production of educational support materials (books, magazines, brochures, newspapers, videos, newsletters, websites, mobile applications, radio and television programs)

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